Getting Settled In After Your Move

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The Ultimate Checklist for Getting Settled In After Your Move


Americans are moving now more than ever. Whether you’re moving locally or out of state, your biggest priority is likely settling into your new place. Here, Luxury & Beach Realty shares easy tips for a successful transition.


Start with the Basics

To begin feeling settled in, it will be critical you manage all your documents and services, so you’re fully set up.

  • Change of address: You must fill out a change of address form at your local post office and update your bank and other essential entities.
  • Safely transport your documents: Keep your important documents and photographs in a special box and transfer this yourself to prevent them from getting lost along the way.
  • Transfer utilities: Transfer necessary utilities like electricity, gas, water, internet, and more to your new home.

Settling into the New House

Once you’ve sorted out the basics, it’ll be time to work on your home, and ready it for use and living.

  • Unpack by room: If you’re struggling with unpacking, AssureShift reports unpacking room by room so that the mess and disorder are contained.
  • Look at feng shui: The layout of your items and furniture can have a significant role to play in feeling good in your new space.
  • Take on outdoor projects: Landscaping, adding patio furniture, or generally sprucing up your backyard can improve your outdoor areas and give your neighbors a positive impression.

Get Acquainted with Your New Neighborhood

The last step of the moving process is getting acquainted with your new area. Although this can be particularly challenging if it’s a long-distance move, here’s how you make it easier.

  • Find local wellness services: For example, a local yoga studio or doctor will help support your family’s health. The benefits of online doctors are that they are more accessible and help you save on transport and overall expenses.
  • Host a housewarming party: This is a great way to meet the neighbors and find your community in your new city.
  • Explore the areas: Get familiar with your neighborhood's local cafes, coffee shops, and bars, as this will help you foster a true sense of belonging.
  • Look up old friends: If you’re moving back to your hometown, look up old friends online and reconnect with those old relationships.

    Moving is the hardest part. Once you’ve figured out the logistics and unpacking, it’s time to take in your new neighborhood and enjoy exploring. Follow these tips, and you’ll be settled into your new place in no time!


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