Moving With Kids

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Moving With Kids

Think about, if possible,to bring your kids along when you look at houses. It gets them involved in process and can get them excited about a new bedroom, game room, pool, back yard. Prior to and during a moving project, convey a positive attitude to your kids. Really work on managing your stress level. Kids will pick up on your stress levels. 

Buy them a special address book so your child can gather addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Get a scrape book and start putting together a photo album of the old house, involve your child with it. Once you know your new address, supply your children with several copies of your new address and phone number so they may share it with their friends. Before you move, hold a going-away party for your child.

Gather information on the sports or other extra-curricular activities in the new area that could interest your child.  Once in the new home l unpack the kids’ rooms first.

Prior to your child's first day of school, take them to visit his or her new school and arrange to meet the teachers.

Once in your new home, begin a new keepsake/scrape book, and encourage your child to write about his or her hopes and expectations at the new home.