Prepping a Home to Go from Listed to Sold

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4 Ways to Prep a Home to Go From Listed to Sold in Less Time


Are you thinking of selling your home? If so, you may be wondering if there are any tricks or secrets you can use to help it sell faster. Because the longer a home sits on the market, the more money you can lose on your listing. Thankfully, selling a home doesn’t have to be overly complicated, especially when you have these hacks and tips in your arsenal.


Declutter and Deep Clean All Areas


Buyers are more attracted to clean and tidy homes than they are cluttered ones. So, if your home is a bit chaotic or full of furniture, your first prep step should be decluttering all areas. This includes outdoor spaces and storage rooms, so go over every inch of your home and look for ways to reduce your belongings and organize your leftovers. If you have some items you’re not completely ready to let go of yet but are taking up space in your home, you may want to consider renting a storage unit while you’re in-between houses.


Once you have your furniture and decor sorted out, you need to deep clean your home. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom of each room, being sure to sweep up crumbs, wipe away grime, and get rid of dust.


Stage All Areas for Professional Photos


A sparkling and clean home can help reel potential buyers in, but you have to get shoppers into your home first. That’s why experienced listing agents always recommend professional photos for online real estate listings. Professional real estate photographers understand how to maximize the space and appeal of your home in listing photos. Since they are what buyers will see first when searching for local properties, having images that stand out from the competition can give your home the edge needed to sell much faster.


Of course, before you hire a pro to take photos of your home, you need to make sure it’s staged to sell. Decluttering and cleaning are two of the most important steps in staging a home but you should also remove personal decor or photos, as well as any themed decor.


Select the Right Price and Timing for Listings  


Timing can be important when you are interested in selling your home quickly. You may already know that the spring and summer months tend to be the best time of year to sell a home, but listing your home in the month of April can help it sell even faster. Summer is a busy moving season, especially for families who have kids in school, so listing your home before the summer starts can help you avoid having it sit on the market for months. Many buyers are looking to purchase new homes in May, so having your home listed beforehand will ensure that it comes up in those property searches. Of course, the best day to list your home is closer to the middle of June, but you can always attract more buyers and faster offers with the right pricing as well.


Research Local Listing Agents for Faster Results


If you’re exhausted just thinking about checking all of these “to-dos” off of your home selling task list, that’s understandable. Selling a home can really be an art form, which is why so many savvy sellers turn to listing agents instead of taking on this overwhelming project on their own. Listing agents have the experience and local knowledge to turn your home prep steps into short work, and they can also market your home to ensure that it shows up in the right property searches. So, instead of spending time, effort, and money completing this complicated project solo, consider starting your process by hiring a local listing agent to help sell your home faster.


Selling a home faster is a simple way to maximize your profits while minimizing your stress. Hiring a listing agent can definitely make this process a lot less of a hassle but there are also some simple steps you can take to get your home ready to sell. With a little upfront effort and investment, you can sell your home in no time.


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