Summer Vacation Fun for the Family

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It’s no secret that the Spencer Family loves summer, and we really love kicking the season off with a Memorial Day celebration. But we’re a big family so that means we do everything on a budget. Over the years, through some smart shopping and DIY craftiness, we’ve learned how to throw a fun, budget-friendly party for our family, friends, and neighbors. We don’t want to hog all the fun, though! And that’s why I’m reaching out. I’d love to share some tips for throwing an awesome Memorial Day summer kickoff party that doesn’t break the bank. If you think an article on this topic would be appealing to your website visitors, please let me know, and I’d love to put something together for you. It will be totally free of charge -- This is my fun side project for when the kids go to bed ;) Here are a couple of my writing samples: • How to Make a Beautiful Yard While Conserving Water Water Conservation Gardening

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