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Tips for Living Green

I recycle!

Before the city of St Petersburg adopted a curbside pick up policy of recyclable products. I went to Home Depot and got myself four stacking bins to put any recyclable waste products into. One bin for newspapers, one bin for glass jars and 2 bins for plastics or tin cans. For my wife and I it takes two weeks to fill these bins. At the end of two weeks I would run to the local recycling center to unload them. For me it was just a mile away. Pretty easy and gratifying!  Now, since the City of St Pete has supplied us with a large recycle bins I could do away with my smaller bins in the garage but that would mean more trips outside to my large container storage area. So I have kept my smaller bins in the garage and just down load them into my larger container every two weeks. The city comes and picks up twice a month now and has made it really easy to recycle.

Here is a helpful hint too. Any bottles or cans without lids I recommend rinsing out prior to putting in the smaller garage containers, as any product left behind can spoil, smell or attract unwanted bugs.


You should recycle too! Think of the future for your children's world or anyone's world.