Treasure Island Florida's SandingOvations

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Treasure Island

Sanding Ovations


Every fall in November sculptors from around the world descend upon the beaches of Treasure Island Florida.

Here they are challenged with taking a huge pile of sand and turning it into amazing works of art. It is truly amazing what these individuals do

with a pile of sand, some water along with some sculpting tools that look a lot like butter knifes.

Sand SculpturesSandface

This is a 3 day event where the sculptors start their projects on Friday. Judging takes place on Saturday and continued viewing

thru Sunday. This event also has what I call a strip mall of cabana tents with vendors hocking their wears. Everything from Handmade Jewelries,

from Kangaroo leather hats to sandals and tee shirts and other artworks. I need not leave out the all the food vendors too. During the entire event

there is a large stage where live entertainment comes out keeps airwaves alive with great music. If your a resident or a visitor of the area

this is an event you will not want to miss.

I got out on Sunday afternoon and as you can see from my pictures some weather started rolling in.

Unfortunately sand sculptures and rain don't mix well together.